All TUW degree programs are academically rich and personally rewarding experiences that fosters and stimulates your learning process.

You will interact with student-colleagues who are educated adults from interesting and varied backgrounds, many of whom are working professionals. Throughout your program you will share ideas, discuss relevant issues and learn from their experiences in the real world. Your instructor is available to help you and will provide guidance and valuable feedback as you progress.!

At Touro, we push our students to be successful in their careers, passions, and life in general. In order to achieve success, Touro has resources accessible to all enrolled students.

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“I just got a Facebook ping from a friend saying, ‘You’re doing what all of us talk about, but haven’t done.’ I’ve loved the TUW pacing, content and colleagues I’ve encountered in my first course of the TUW Master’s program. It’s such an intellectual homecoming, yet nearly everything is new! Professor Kagon has offered a world of materials that I need to know, and didn’t. It’s challenging work, academically sound and a stretch for hungry mental muscles. I think I’ve grown intellectually in just 8 weeks.”

Martin Perlmutter, an interactive media producer from CA

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“I needed to feel sure that what I thought I knew about new media was actually borne out in reality. Touro University’s Worldwide program brought together the elements that I felt least sure about and offered the course in an innovative and exciting way. The program is an exploration in how the new world might come together through media communications. It also offers me the chance to connect with people of diverse experiences and perspectives and expand my network.”

Raoul Morris, a writer recently graduated from Canterbury, England

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